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Hosta Flowers

A series of flowers of the common landscape plant. See more on my website: www.RussAndMarciaMartin.com

I was born in 1949, the son of a part time professional photographer. I developed an interest in the medium in high school. I went on to study fine art photography, eventually attaining a Master of Fine Arts degree. Subsequently, I have taught photography in five colleges (part time) and three high schools. (full time). I am recently retired and putting all my energy into a career in fine art photography.
In the late 1970's my color work was represented by a good gallery in NY until it closed. I was in numerous shows and my work is in a number of collections. Then, I stopped for over 20 years. Recently, I reignited my career and have had numerous successes. I have been featured in B&W magazine and Silvershotz. My work was selected for a number of international exhibitions. This year, my work won a first place in the Lucie Awards and a gold award in B&W magazine's Single Image Contest.