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Ladies of Middle Earth

The series "The Ladies of Middle Earth" was inspired by �¢??The Lord of the Rings�¢?? films. I wanted to explore outside the conventions of beauty and fashion and look more at character and glamour. The looks were inspired by characters and creatures in the film without referencing individual characters. I used a single model to express a range of looks from the shyness of the Hobbits to the darkness of Mordor.

Nyk Sykes was born in Sydney, Australia and brought up in Australia and the UK.

He has won awards from Paris, London and New York, for his advertising, fashion, portrait, arts and entertainment photography.

Sykes' photography has been exhibited in Barcelona, Cannes, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Sydney and Venice. As well as on front covers of magazines from Madrid, Milan, New York, Sydney, Tokyo and Vancouver.

Sykes was trained in photography at the Sydney Institute of Technical and Further Education. Earlier he graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts.

Awards These include:
• Gold, Graphis Photography Annual (New York; in 2023, '24)
• Gold, Graphis Nudes 5, (New York, 2019)
• Silver, Graphis Photography Annual (New York; in 2015, '17, '18, '20, '21, '22, 23)
• Silver, Prix de la Photographie Paris (2012).
• Silver, London Photographic Association Awards. (2009).
• Bronze, Prix de la Photographie Paris (2010).