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Irish Stone

Michael Kirchoff is a California native, living and working in Los Angeles. He has been working as a photographer for over twenty years, both in Los Angeles and San Francisco. His love for travel comes from a desire to learn and experience the life and culture of other people from around the block, as well as around the globe. Capturing this in a still image is what he finds most exciting and challenging. He often tries to give the work a dreamlike or ethereal look to set it apart from the norm. This is usually how he sees the world caught in time. Michael photographs using many different cameras and film, finding it more difficult to confine himself to only one favorite. He'll use everything from a clunky toy camera to a fully electronic digital model, seeing each one as a tool meant for a specific use.

Michael Kirchoff can be reached by phone at 818-517-0650, or online at michael@michaelkirchoff.com, www.michaelkirchoff.com