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Night raid in search Talibans

Night raid in search Talibans and material to make bombs in Pss 12 Location in Kandahar from Camp Nathan Smith CNS ( Fury Force ). The Patrol is comprised of members of Outlaw 1 ( 293 rd Militar Police Battalion from fort Stewart, Georgia ), Canadians, ANA and ANP, in search of Talibans and material to make bombs. In the fisrt photo when there are women in the room, the search does a female soldier. Women remain hidden in the left side, behind the curtains.In the second image ILT Green of 293 MPCO ( in the center ) with members of Outlaw 1 and Ana member inside a room in a register.In the third image A child looks at the soldiers who leave the place where moments before did a search of the home.In the fourth and fifth image registration inside a house and part of electrical equipment confiscated. The translator asks the old Afghan the reason for the existence of this material in your home.

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