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  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Family, Bronze in Portraiture/Family, Silver in Advertising/Other
  • Photographer
    Eric Chang, United States
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Taken for the film poster of "SEPULUH" or in english, "TEN". The word Ten or as in number 10 is a whole perfect number that cannot be given to any men on earth. No one is perfect. Thus, the film covers the story of the tragic journey of a street child in finding true meaning of love and care upon her hard-living situation. No matter how hard life is to get through or how easy life can seem to be, still no one can be given the perfect number.

Eric Chang, 20 years of age; studies in the prestigious Art Center College of Design - grew his passion from sketching, painting to sculpting gypsum since he was a kid. He then followed his calling as an artist when he was only started high school. Within just 2 months having started photography, Eric has already been called to develop portfolios of personal portraits of famous Indonesian figures - from musicians, to movie stars, scientist, doctor and fashion gurus.

Eric was invited to host a solo photo exhibition by the Intercontinental Hotel in 2008. In 2009, he has been sponsored to publish 2 of his photo books called "Native Temptations" and "The Shattered Love"; from which his "Native Temptations" book is now on the way to its 3rd edition.