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Flower Pots

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book Proposal (Series Only)/People, Gold in Photojournalism/Other, Gold in Portraiture/Other
  • Photographer
    Claudio Allia, Italy
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Mathare Valley is one of Nairobi's oldest and worst slums.
It is not a squatter town, most of the people living here in 6ft x 6ft one room shacks made of old corrugated tin and mud, pay rent without receiving urban services as sewage or waste collection while gangs control the few available ones.
Mathare is already 64 years old with families renting here since three generations.

Claudio Allia (Catania 1962) is an M.D. Eye Specialist and freelance award winning
photographer, actually living and working in Sicily (Italy). Since early eighties he has
focused most of his creative energies in the music field in quality of music writer
and indie jazz/electronic/classical music producer, using his film camera mostly to
document his travels and people. Since 2005, captivated by the digital photography
technology advent, Claudio started to experiment with new visual and creative
approaches into his photographic world, exploring and developing his knowledges in
the digital editing field and spacing his body of work from surrealistic or conceptual
collections/series up to pure social documentary photography.