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Mirrors inside

  • Prize
    Gold in Book Proposal (Series Only)/People, 2nd Place winner in Book Proposal (Series Only)
  • Photographer
    Tereza Vlckova, Czech Republic
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Inner monologue as an internal of personality. Something purely introverted. Personal. Dark. Everyone has something in them that theyâ??re scared of. The dark side. The human subconscious and its intricacies. Nightmares that expel us from the warmth of our beds in the middle of silence â?? darkness â?? night. The scream that no one hears â?? only you (me). An absurd situation that frightens us with its senselessness and irony, in which you play the main role in the fatal situation in the middle of the wondrous theatre.

Weâ??re the very ones that weâ??re scared of, that we see everyday in the mirror. How much disguises do we conceal under our mask? Weâ??re chameleons with a single face. We wonâ??t even reveal our disguise to ourselves. By constantly searching for ourselves we disappoint ourselves and those around usâ?¦
Itâ??s so hard to answer lifeâ??s basic questions. Who am I? Weâ??ll never answer correctly.