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Colombian Refugees in Ecuador

  • Prize
    Gold in Photojournalism/Wars, Bronze in Photojournalism/Wars
  • Photographer
    Monica Rico, Spain
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The population of Colombia is still feeling the impact of the internal armed conflict that began in the 1960s. Increasing numbers are fleeing their homes at the rate of more than 200,000 a year and continue to face serious vulnerability.

Displaced people have taken refuge in makeshift shelters and communities with limited resources (no water, no electricity, hygiene articles, etc) in Ecuador.

Most of the refugees have lost family to the conflict.
There are many women that loose their husbands and they have to bring up their children on her own, alone, in a different country

In Pampanal, a Colombian refugee community in Ecuador, near the border with Colombia, the living conditions are very poor, but at least they live in peace.
When the tide comes in, the community's streets are flooded with water full of waste and the kids usually play with that water.

Monica was born in Madrid, Spain.
She discovered her passion about photography on a volunteer program in the Saharawi refugee camps, when she realized that change could be effected through this medium.

She is interested in storytelling with a camera and in using imagery to promote positive change in our world.
She has a special interest in humanitarian photojournalism where documentary photography captures the moments that elevate awareness.

She is very sensitive to the refugees situation.