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The primitive people of Namibia are one of main tourism attractions of Southern Africa. They are still some living in the wide wilderness without any contact to modern civilization, but some try to find their way into the cities. From this point on, their whole life is defined between tradition and modernity. On the one side they simply want to survive or even to be part of our society, on the other side they lose their authenticity and traditional origin. Is there any way between?

Tino Schwanemann was born on 26.07.1978 in Magdeburg. In 1997 he graduated at Johannes Kepler high school. Unfortunately his absenteeism in physical education affected the grade point average. However, by foreign languages and art he understood to raise this average. Then he wasted some time in the German Army, besides also in the analysis of human behavior in relation to authority.
In 1998 he began his studies at the Bauhaus Dessau in the focus of Design / Visual Communication. After completing the basic courses he quickly changed his focus on audiovisual media in 2000. Right at the beginning of the year 2002, he went abroad for one year to spend in the United States. First, he studied at the Cleveland Institute of Arts, then at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. His experimental short film â??Information Violenceâ??, a personal processing of the American TV event reports 11 September 2001, was his first international success. The film won several awards at numerous international festivals (International Media Art Award, German Video Award, etc.). Tino loved to study in the U.S.. Together with his professors Kasumi Minkin and Ioannes Yessios he luckily expended in the creative terrain.
In 2003 he had to go back to Germany and graduated with an university diploma at the Bauhaus. His diploma work was a state of the art industry film called "Views on Magdeburgâ??, that not all of the professors felt in love with. They expected a more free artistic than a commercial work. Nevertheless, the film was published as a campaign in several edits and had been spread over central German cinemas due to its popularity. In 2003, Tino decided to concentrate much more on filmmaking and began his studies at the Film Academy. He initiated audiovisual campaigns for Amnesty International, shot music videos and realized advertising and industry films. Parallel to this, he worked as a freelance creative director and art director for various film and TV production companies. He graduated at the Film Academy in 2007 with a commercial ad called "Decadence" (client: Bang & Olufsen).
After studying, Tino was responsible for the Art Direction of Creative Solutions, a unit of Germanyâ??s biggest TV station group ProSiebenSat.1. There he was responsible for image campaigns, TV promotion and film productions as well as the visual appearance of the broadcasting company.
Tino was longing for his homeland and continued his work in Berlin with a focus on the popular and reputable TV channel Sat1 *ironic*. An empty, senseless period started... Constantly searching for challenges, he decided in 2008 to leave the safe career position of an employee to become a freelance creative director and art director in the unpredictable wilderness. Together with Stefanie Paul he began with the creation of the label â??einscommanullâ??, a preliminary test phase for a further self-employment.