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Thinly veiled contents

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Other
  • Photographer
    Loredana Mantello Salerno, Bahrain
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'the mistery of beauty lies i the interaction of fabrics with the wind and the surroundings. Seeks deeply and you will find the answers not hidden or concealed, but there...for those who know how to see.' The choice i made about my life took me away from my homeland and still in search of my identity, O find sevral aspects of my personality and culture, mirrored in the gaze of millions of my 'sisters'.

Is an Italian, free lance photographer based in the Middle East whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. The desire to capture moments that her eyes see but cannot satisfactorily paint or sketch, led her naturally to the camera as a means of expression. Each of her images expresses her state of mind, her perceptions, her emotions, her world.