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The Donation, Source of Life and Hope

  • Prize
    Winner in State of the World/“Hero’s among us”
  • Photographer
    Fran Fernandez

In this story of the donation, all the people involved are heroes. From the people and their families who with their immense solidarity find in the donation a way to channel the sad and irremediable experience of death and transform it into a powerful gesture of kindness. Until the perfect multidisciplinary assembly of all the professionals involved in the process, who with their hard work and effort will allow the achievement of the beginning of a new life, the receiver, another hero who will value that first gesture of someone anonymous, who half of his pain, he said "YES TO DONATION".

Enfermero y Técnico Sup. de artes plásticas y diseño en Fotografía Artística. Ganador de varios concursos fotográficos nacionales e internacionales, exponiendo sus obras en Ciudades como Madrid, Barcelona, Moscú, Tokio, París, Taiwan, etc

Awards Moscow Internat. Foto Awards 2017 - absolute winner category Science.
Gold in Medicine and Honorable Mention in Portrait
IPA 2016 (Intern. Photo Awards) Honorable Mention.Deeper Perspective
PX3 2016 and 2017 (Prix de la photographie de Paris) Honorable Mention. And selected by curator in PX3 "The State of the World"2019
3er, 4º and 5º Fine Art Photo Awards (2017,2018, 2019) Finalist
IPA 2017 1st Edition Spanish. Silver and bronze medal.
Tokio Internat. Foto Awards 2017 Silver medal.
Moscow Internat. Foto Awards 2018 Gold Medal and HM in architecture.
And numerous prizes of national Spanish contests
Bronze in EpsonPANO awards 2018
Moscow Internat. Foto Awards 2019 - absolute winner category Science.
Gold in Medicine