You-Lin Lee

You-Lin Lee

PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2023 – Non-Professional
First Place Winner in Special – Exploration

You-Lin Lee is a nine-to-five professional, and photography has evolved into a captivating hobby that unfolds during his free time, primarily focusing on street photography. “This creative endeavor offers me the opportunity to observe and meticulously document the unique narratives and interactions that take place on the bustling streets. Street photography provides a stimulating challenge, demanding my attentiveness, quick reflexes, and creative flair to capture those fleeting moments and weave captivating visual stories through my photographs. It serves as a creative outlet through which I express my unique perspective and share my keen observations with others,” he shares.

For You-Lin the allure of the PX3 Photography Competition was a driving force behind my decision to participate. “In recent years, I’ve been inspired by numerous photographers I deeply admire, who have received well-deserved accolades in this prestigious competition. This inspiration kindled a desire within me to submit my own work and see how it would be received. To my immense honor, my submissions garnered recognition from the distinguished judging panel among the multitude of entries. This achievement has not only bolstered my confidence but also underscored the necessity of approaching photography with a more deliberate and introspective attitude to further elevate the caliber of my future creations.”

The award-winning image was taken at the National Taichung Theater in Taiwan, a remarkable architectural marvel notable for its unique structural design. The building’s distinguishing feature is that it is the world’s first structure with a main support system comprised of curved walls. “Crafting the appropriate composition required careful deliberation and an acute understanding of the building’s form. Moreover, the spontaneity of individuals entering the frame added another layer of complexity. Since the subjects were unpredictable, the process demanded patience and a considerable amount of time, awaiting the perfect subject to step into the envisioned position,” says You-Lin regarding one of the remarkable challenges he encountered in capturing the photo.

“In my perspective, the creation of exceptional images hinges on the convergence of several critical elements: composition, lighting, timing, and storytelling. Fusing these elements into a single photograph is an intricate task. While the photographer’s experience and ability to foresee the perfect moment are essential, patience and even a touch of serendipity also play vital roles in the process.”

You-Lin believes that a flexible and adaptable mindset is crucial when facing difficult situations, such as when the subjects’ movements or positions often diverge from someone’s expectations, leading to unsuccessful shots. “Rather than succumbing to frustration or disappointment over these missed opportunities, I consider them invaluable learning experiences. Photography, to me, represents a continual journey of growth and experimentation, persistently working to enhance my skills and master the art of capturing those decisive moments on the bustling streets,” he says.

Looking ahead in his photography journey, his immediate goal is to enhance his capacity for storytelling and emotive expression through individual photographs. This short-term objective will serve as the foundation for a long-term aspiration for him: the creation of a cohesive series of photographic works. “In the years to come, I aim to accumulate a substantial quantity of series photographs, focusing on their quality and coherence. Ultimately, I aspire to curate a personal exhibition that showcases my photographic journey, continuously refining my images, exploring various themes and concepts, and culminating in the development of a cohesive body of work.”