Alexej Sachov
The Hidden World

Alexej Sachov

PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2023 – Professional
First Place Winner in Nature – The Hidden World

Alexej Sachov’s journey into photography was shaped by a rich blend of experiences and passions. Hailing from a family that cherished photography as a hobby, he began capturing memories on film during childhood hikes. However, Sachov’s path to photography took an intriguing turn as he sought complexity and challenge. He ventured into building airplane models and combustion engines during his youth, eventually pursuing an education in rocket engineering and information technologies. This academic background led him to roles in IT, consulting, and management, marked by high stress levels.

In search of solace and a creative outlet, Sachov discovered the world of diving. Yet, merely observing the underwater beauty wasn’t enough for this active individual. “Being an active person, I could not just observe the beauty of the underwater world. So, I took a camera underwater and started sharing the pictures with my friends”, he shares. The invaluable feedback from his peers ignited a spark within him, propelling Sachov to elevate his photography skills.

His quest for excellence led him to enroll in photography education at the Kyiv School of Photography, where he was exposed to astonishing images that fueled his passion further. This experience served as the catalyst for his journey into the world of photography.

Sachov’s motivation to participate in the Px3 photography competition was fueled by the professionalism of the judges and his desire to gauge the level of his own artwork. “I wanted to check the level of my artworks. Winning in Paris, the European capital of arts, will definitely add visibility to my work.”

Capturing the mesmerizing underwater moments that characterize his winning image presented its own set of challenges. It demanded pinpoint timing, ensuring ideal conditions of visibility and sunlight. Equally challenging was the task of navigating unspoiled underwater locations with equipment, all while avoiding disturbing the delicate underwater ecosystem. Moreover, safety was a paramount concern, with a timely return to the surface essential to avoid any unnecessary concerns.

Sachov’s perspective on the elements that define great images emphasizes their ability to immerse viewers in a magical atmosphere, evoking imagination and emotions. Education, experience, skills, and an innate connection with the art form are all pivotal in creating these memorable images. “Great photographers are obsessed with hunting for amazing images”, Sachov adds.

In a rapidly evolving world where photography is ubiquitous, Sachov acknowledges the challenge of producing work that is genuinely innovative and emotionally resonant. He believes that the greatest obstacle for photographers today is the quest for uniqueness and emotional impact.

Sachov’s motivation in photography extends beyond personal artistic expression. ”

Through my artworks, I showcase the beauty of the underwater world to inspire people to dive, aiming to increase the number of individuals who protect nature. Additionally, I strive to elevate underwater photography to the level of art photography taken above the water surface.”

Looking ahead in his photography career, Sachov anticipates personal exhibitions and collaborations with galleries and art dealers to share his unique ecological photographs with a broader audience. He believes that his distinctive work, like no other before, may even find its place in museums, marking an exciting and promising future in the world of photography.