“The State of the World”
Curated Exhibtion by Hossein Farmani

It is my pleasure to present a new PX3 annual event, “The State of the World” – stories specially selected from the entries to the Paris Photo Prize; global stories worth telling because they are eyewitness accounts as told through the lens of the photographer; stories both happy and sad, inspiring and shocking, gentle and brutal; stories to focus your eyes and mind on issues that are current and crucial in our world today.

We live in an era where we have faster access to information than any previous generation and limitless amounts of knowledge at our fingertips, and yet it is harder than ever for us to discover the truth.

We are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day but we are more disconnected than ever from our fellow-human beings and the really important issues that affect our world.

We are bombarded with an avalanche of opinion polls, fake news, and propaganda till it becomes almost impossible to distinguish fact from fiction and we forget what true story telling looks like.

Our goal is to bring you the uncensored news, directly from the photographers that witness events first-hand, with the guarantee that they are not manipulated by the mainstream media or sensationalized for profit.

We believe that as long as we remain committed to speaking the truth as we see it and supporting those who make it their passion and life’s work to tell and share their eyewitness information with the world, we can effect great change and ensure that truth will always have a clear voice.

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