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  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Documentary, 1st Place winner in Book
  • Photographer
    Adam Rountree
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The photos in this book cover a small portion of events that took place in 2020/21 in the United States of America.The political climate and social unrest opened a great divide among Americans. COVID-19 brought many lives to a sudden halt with shut downs, financial uncertainty, and health concerns. The politicized debates and arguments over vaccines and mask-wearing further divided people against each other. All parties involved, regardless of their racial, social, or political beliefs, felt that they were fighting to preserve something critical. In some cases their very soul.

Born December of 1981 in Ireland. Currently living in Jacksonville, FL USA. Has been a freelance photojournalist/documentary photographer since 2002. Working on various projects related to the human condition under extraordinary circumstances including but not limited to: conflict, politics, migration/immigration, homelessness, hunger, etc.

Awards Was awarded a medal by the Society of the Silurians in New York City in June 2008 for feature news photography for Bloomberg News (https://www.silurians.org/)