/ 2020 / Advertising / Fashion

Ukiyo-e: Flower and Women

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Fashion
  • Photographer
    Xinxin Zhang
  • Credit
    Design and Photography: Xinxin Zhang; Model: Anna Lisa, Millie, Julie, Maggie, Micaela, Angelina

"Ukiyo-e: Flower and Women" is a series that celebrates women in the eyes of women. It takes inspirations from Japanese wood-cut prints, the Ukiyo-e, meaning "Pictures of the Floating World"--often featuring naturalistic, mystic and erotic elements. The images are floating between realistic photographs and transcendental paintings: the realistic are the physical objects and subjects presented in detail; the transcendental is the time, emotion created beyond all of these. The artist wishes to transform the physical space as an emotional space, to depict desire, beauty, and inner selves.

Xinxin Zhang is an emerging art and fashion photographer. A recent NYU grad, Zhang used her thesis to look at on-location fashion portraits created with cinematic approaches. A freelance photographer who believes in creating visual works that speak about the power of femininity in a liberal, safe, and equal environment, Zhang has a photographer profile on Vogue Italia and her works have appeared on PhotoVogue. She has produced and shot art and fashion editorials for dozens of domestic and international publications such as C-head Magazine, Solstice Magazine, AINT-BAD Magazine, etc.

Awards In 2019 I graduated from New York University with a Master of Art degree. Currently I shoot personal projects and agency assignments, in which I independently complete the process from researching, making mood board, shooting, editing, concept writing and retouching. My individual works focus on cinematic images that combine portrait art and methods of cinematography. I have a photographer profile on Vogue Italia, and my works have appeared on the PhotoVogue platform numerous times. Besides that, I have also produced and shot art and fashion editorials for dozens of domestic and international publications such as C-heads Magazine, Solstice Magazine, AINTBAD Magazine, and Aesthetica Magazine, to name a few. I am based in New York, where my first solo show was held at NYU this September. In December 2019, I brought my works to show at the Red Dot Art during Miami Art Basel. I have been working for D/T/E Studio and produced editorials and product photos since October 2019.