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Deep Blue Cosmos

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    Bronze in Nature/Underwater
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    Laura Emerson
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Conquer the fear of the unfamiliar and of the unfathomable, and look below the surface to discover a world of serenity-inducing colour, entrancing light patterns of celestial beauty and deep, wonderful mystery.

These pictures are part of a body of work called "Deep Blue Cosmos", a visual and poetical exploration of the similarities between outer space and the abyss: limitless and hostile wildernesses, light-studded spans of darkness, weightlessness, loss of spatial direction, immense and inexhaustible wonder.

All pictures taken freediving near Nice, French Riviera.

“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” Anais Nin

Autodidact both in photography and freediving, I began taking pictures underwater in 2013, with a particular interest in wave flow-patterns, over-and-under seascapes, caustics, sparkles, reflections, solar flares, blurs and natural gradients from light blue to deep blue to the mysterious darkness of the abyss.

All my pictures are taken free diving, mostly off wild beaches in the South of France.

I’m French, living and working in Cannes and in London.

Awards Fine Art Photography Awards:
1st Place Winner Seascape (Amateur) https://fineartphotoawards.com/winners-gallery/fapa-2018-2019/amateur/seascape

Abstract Nominee (Amateur)