2nd Place / 2018 / Book /


  • Prize
    Gold in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Nature, 2nd Place winner in Book Proposal (Series Only)
  • Company
    Katy Gomez Catalina
  • Photographer
    Katy Gomez Catalina
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Icelad is a country of extreme dualities. It is a land of ice and fire, where volcanoes and glaciers look challenging and where the impetus of their forces have come together to model the magnificence of their landscapes. It is a land of contrasts, strange and mysterious where geysers, glaciers, hollow barros, volcanoes, fjords, waterfalls and mountains tattooed with snow, elevate the greatness of nature to superlative. A land of another world in which the ice draws the black and white soul of the landscape

Born in Ubeda, Spain and doctorate in Veterinary medicine.

Photography is part of my conception of enjoyment and I live it passionately. Mainly it is a photograph framed in the photo essay. I look at the world, not only to testify what I see, but mainly, to express a personal perspective, a point of view, an interpretation and not just a representation. My subjects are very varied being travel photography a common link in all my work. The camera has become an inseparable companion, I can not see the world if it is not through the eyes of a camera, with these images I compose my travel story as a writer with his diary. These images are the support of my memory and the way in which I recreate the reality that is in front of my eyes. I do not take pictures for others, but for me, for the pure pleasure of photographing. If I can also suggest a sensation-emotion to those who contemplate them, satisfaction is multiplied.