Bronze / 2016 / Portraiture / Children

Child Labourer, Myanmar

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Children
  • Photographer
    Frank Lynch

Outside the Mahamuni Temple in Mandalay, Myanmar there is a whole street where stone masons can be found toiling away on stone statues of Buddha. The working conditions there are truly atrocious, with little respect for the health of the workers or the general environment. Work is carried out without protective masks, protective gloves or any kind of dust extraction systems. It is disturbing to witness children, labouring in such circumstances – their faces sweating and caked with a crust of choking dust. The result of breathing in these dangerous concentrations of dust will surely see these children suffering from lung diseases and other respiratory problems. An early death is almost certainly guaranteed . . .

Frank Lynch grew up in Dublin, Ireland and currently lives in Brig, Switzerland. He earns his living as a graphic artist and finds that taking photographs acts as a counterweight to the stress and pressures of the graphics business . . .