Bronze / 2016 / Press / Other_PJ

Wild Souls

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Other, Gold in Nature/Wildlife, Bronze in Press/Other
  • Photographer
    Pedro Jarque Krebs

This is a series of animal portraits, recreating a studio environment to highlight the subjects, and show "human" feelings on wild animals. Shown that way outside its context, it offers a more intimate and close side of them. Animals are endless models. They are so different and unique from each other, that they offer unlimited possibilities to work with many shapes, types of light, shadows and expressions. What's really fascinating about working with animals is that they are so spontaneous. I love to work with light and shadows, black backgrounds to highlight the illuminated subject, which at the same time appears absorbed by the shadows. In particular, I try to work with these lights and shadows in order to give volume to the bodies, and creating a three-dimensional illusion. More than “painting” with light, I also like to “sculpt” with light.