Bronze / 2016 / Portraiture / Family

Family portrait

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Family, Bronze in Portraiture/Family
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Adam Koziol

Karo tribe family portrait. Ethiopia

Polish photographer, born in 1991 in Poznan. Between 2008-2014 he organized a number of entomological expeditions to Asia, Africa and America in search of new species of insects. In 2013 in Borneo, he came across the Iban culture which inspired him to organize his first expedition in search of the tattooed members of the tribe. In the same year, on the border of Malaysia and Indonesia, he found and photographed three older people from the non-existent tribes of Iban headhunters. Since then he has decided to completely change the purpose of the expeditions and has begun to write down documentation of the dying tribal cultures in the world. He pays particular attention to the documentation of human phenotypes, tattoos, scarification, ornaments and appearance that identify each tribe. So far he has visited 18 tribes from Africa and Asia.