Silver / 2016 / Nature / Underwater

Portraits of Australian Serial Killers

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Underwater
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Sam Cahir /

Older than dinosaurs and the result if 400 million years of evolution, the Great White Shark is the ultimate apex predator. Living as long as humans in the unknown watery world, their faces tells of a life filled with stories of survival. From charismatic deep seal scratches to a healed broken jaw these are the portraits of the ultimate survivor. To the government of Western Australia it is the portrait of a serial killer. The controversial culling of the protected Great White Shark is in the ‘national interest’ of protecting public safety and tourism – but at what environmental and ecological costs. Charcharodon carcharias (Great White Shark) IUCN Red List – VU Vulnerable.

Sam Cahir is an international award winning underwater photographer specializing in sharks. Based in Melbourne, Australia, his photographs have appeared in a variety of publications and he is regarded as one of the premier shark photographers in the world. He is the owner of Predapix Photography which provides specialized shark photography services and sales worldwide. He is a valued part of the Fox Shark Research Foundation team (FSRF) located in South Australia, whose mission is to inspire the appreciation and understanding of great white sharks through research and education.