Bronze / 2016 / Nature / Flowers

Sway with me

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Flowers, Silver in Fine Art/Still Life
  • Photographer
    Monthira Narula

Around our home nestled a beautiful garden and among the floral display stood out this Hibiscus flower. I felt the need to pluck and photograph it instantly,the white background which i put up against the window, allowed natural light to shine through the flower making a translucent effect. As i took the picture, the song sway with me came on and i became inspired to arrange the flower in a way that it feels as though the Hibiscus is dancing like a women in a beautiful dress. Each time i took the picture, the flower reacted and changed it pose just like how a confident women would. In addition, i also felt that after taking a look at the photos that it resembled animals such as a butterfly,swan ,bird and a goldfish. Its truly breathtaking to imagine that something so small and delicate can convey so many emotions.

Monthira takes inspiration from world around her in her photography endeavors and further views photography as a personal and intimate necessity to experience herself. Monthira predominantly focuses on fine art and still life subject matter and sees beauty in everything around whether it be beauty in nature or innate character of every person and truly wishes to continue her passion in photography as to pursue personal development and to be recognised as an exceptional artist