Silver / 2016 / Press / Political

Meeting of friendship with Ukraine in St. Petersburg

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Political
  • Photographer
    Aleksandr Tolkachev

The rally against the war and for friendship with the people of Ukraine was held in St. Petersburg (Russia) in September 2016. Yellow and blue colors are the colors of Ukrainian flag. So people came to the rally with yellow and blue balloons. The majority of Russia's population considers Ukraine as an enemy today. The police behaved aggressively and tried to prevent the rally. Despite this the mood of people was festive.

Here is a little bit about myself. I used to be a doctor by profession, I am currently engaged in business. I have been interested in photography for a long time, but I have got a lot of pictures in the last four years, when I began to travel. Traveling influences on my approach to photography. My pictures are moments snatched from life. I do not make my living by taking pictures, but I try to do my best and I have a serious approach to it as it deserves.