Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced

What should thy sons do, Venice?

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    Lorenzo Vitali
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Can we say that we have done something in the last two centuries to significantly modify the risk of Venice's disappearance that the Ode on Venice written by Lord Byron in the now distant 1819 already foretold with visionary lucidity?

"Oh Venice! Venice! when thy marble walls
⁠Are level with the waters, there shall be
A cry of nations o'er thy sunken halls,
⁠A loud lament along the sweeping sea!
If I, a northern wanderer, weep for thee,
What should thy sons do? anything but weep:
And yet they only murmur in their sleep.

Born in Milano in 1953, where he lives and works. He has photographs printed in many magazines, in Italy and abroad. He publishes photo-books.

Awards Recent international awards and publications:


– An arrhythmic succession of interrupted pauses This work was published in L’Oeil de la Photography on Avril 2022 and it was also published on July 2022 on the Pictorial List accompanied by an interview of the Author

Awards: In November 2022 it was Gold Star in ND Awards and also Silver Winner in Budapest International Photo Awards. In August 2022 it was Silver Winner in PX3 Prix de la Photography Paris. In December 2022 it was Bronze Winner in Tokyo International Photo Awards. Received also: Nomination (Fine Art Photography Awards 8), Honorable Mention (European Photography Awards) In September 2022, Honorable Mention (International Photography Awards)

– The memory of the female body: archetype of beauty: was published in L’oeil de la Photographie of February 2022. The work was also published on Avril 2022 on The Pictorial List accompanied by an interview with the Author and a Reel.

The work is published on Il Fotografo N. 336 (May 2022)

This work also received: Nomination from Fine Art Photography Awards 8, Honorable Mention from London Photography Awards, Honorable Mention by European Photography Awards, Honorable Mention (International Photography Awards)

-Milan: Before and after the pandemic: this work has been selected for the Italian Mobile Archive (AMI) project

–What should thy sons do, Venice? Nomination (Fine Art Photography Award 8) and Honorable Mentions (Monovisions Photography Awards)

– On the Road: Honorable Mention (Monovisions Photography Awards)

–Body Emotions: Honorable Mention (New York Photography Awards)


– Ideal City: exhibited in the Ideal Reopening-OFF circuit (Ferrara)

–The Shape and the Shadow: Honorable Mention (MonoVisions)

–What should thy sons do, Venice? Honorable Mention (PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris)

–The memory of the female body: archetype of beauty. Silver Winner New York Photography Awards