Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Other

The sun only comes afterwards

  • Photographer
    Jose Roberto Bassul
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This series adopts a dystopian tone. Urban elements evoke lost dreams. Circumstances in which, individually or collectively, we face losses, defeats, frustrations, disenchantments, fears. Simple resources were used in the camera itself, such as underexposure, blur or physical elements on the lens. In post-production, vignettes and granulation were accentuated and the tones were split. Abandoned squares and parks, unused sports courts, empty streets, demolished houses or dark paths are permeated by a certain lyricism, by streaks of light. As if the nights know that the sun only comes afterwards

José Roberto Bassul was born in Rio and lives in Brasilia. His photography turns to architecture and urban environment as an attempt "to draw thoughts, project desires and built spaces for the imagination". He has received several awards and his works has often been exhibited in festivals, galleries and museums in solo and group shows in Brazil and abroad. He has published two photobooks. His works belong to important private and public collections such as those of National Museum of Republic (Brasilia), Art Museum of Rio, Museum of Modern Art (Rio) and Museum of Photography (Fortaleza)

Awards 2021+2019+2018. IPA–International Photography Awards (1st and 2nd places)
2021. 10th Prix Photo AF (1st place)
2021. FotoRio, Prêmio América Latina (Latin America Award)
2021. 16th Pollux Awards (1st place)
2020+2018+2017. Tokio Int'l Foto Awards (silver and bronze awards)
2020+2019. Moscow Int'l Foto Awards (Book photographer of the year, gold and silver awards)
2020+2018+2017. Prix de la Photographie Paris-PX3 (gold and bronze)
2021+2019. Budapest Int'l Foto Awards (2nd place and silver award)
2018+2016. Festival Internacional Paraty Em Foco (exhibition awards)
2018+2017. Siena International Photo Awards (finalist)
2018+2017. Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Tiradentes (exhibition awards)
2017. LensCulture Network Gallery (selected for online exhibition)
2017. Magnum Caravan Brasil (special mention)
2017+2016. Le Plus Grand Concours Photo du Monde, PHOTO Magazine (lauréat)
2016. Miami Street Photography Awards (finalist)
2016. Sony World Photography Awards (commended)