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  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Janice Ekin
  • Credit
    Janice Ekin


I am legally blind, but the term “being blind” encompasses many degrees of non-sight, from total to severely limited. I have very limited vision and scan the world in segments to see what’s around me. One day I picked up one of my husband’s cameras and began to photograph the world as I saw it. I remember my first visit to the North Smithfield Auto Salvage in which I saw hundreds of cars in various states of disrepair and erosion, in particular, those cars in the section called Memory Lane.

There, in Memory Lane, a new world appeared to me, a world of colors, textures, patterns, lines

I am relatively new to photography, about 15 years or so. Not having full vision probably prevented me from getting into it sooner. Mistakenly, I thought if I could not see the entire world around me how could I possibly photograph it.

I overcame my technical intimidation and moved forward. Camera clubs, competitions, juried shows followed. But, nothing clicked until I connected with the abstract world in the junkyard. I particularly enjoy photographing the colors, lines, textures, and shapes rather than the full objects themselves.

Awards Juried shows:

2016 South County Art Association

2020 Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts


2020 International Lens Magazine


Abstracts by Jan Ekin

You can see some of my photographs on the following site and I also share my work on Facebook with friends and family.