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Somalia; Frontline of the global climate crisis.

After five consecutive failed rainy seasons, stretching back to early 2021, millions of rural Somalis are struggling through an unprecedented drought, many in regions still plagued by thirty years of extremist militant violence.
The latest rainfall projections by long-range meteorological analysts are yet more alarming for 2023, with continued below-average rainfall expected. For those in the rural central regions, this latest drought is a disaster of historic magnitude. By mid-2023, over 8 million people—nearly half of the population—will be living through crisis levels of food insecurity.

Giles Clarke is a photojournalist focusing on capturing the human face of current and post-conflict global issues.

The United Nations has featured his work for OCHA & WHO. Published in print in The Best of American Photography (AP)33 - 39 Annual Book since 2016. Photo essays for The New York Times, Amnesty International, CNN, The Guardian, Global Witness, TIME, The New Yorker, The Sony World Photo Awards, National Press Photographers Association, Paris Match, and twice exhibited at Visa Pour L'Image in Perpignan.

Awards ~ October 2022, Clarke was awarded the Sharjah Government Communication Award for his past work in El Salvador.
~ December 2021, Clarke was awarded the 'WARS Photography Award' created by 'Associazione 46 Parallelo / Atlante Delle Wars in Italy for work in Yemen.
~2021: PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris - Gold Award - 'Yemen In Covid' - War/Press Category
~2021: PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris - Silver Award - 'Migrants & Refugees in Yemen' - War/Press Category
~September 2021, 'Yemen; Conflict + Chaos' was exhibited in a solo show at Visa pour L'Image in Perpignan.
~2019: Best Of American Photography - AP35 book - Selected Images-Yemen In Crisis
~2018: Philip Jones Griffiths Award - Finalist - Yemen: Proxy War Turmoil
~2018: World Report Award - 2nd Place, Single Shot Award
~2018: Imagely Fund - Winner - Yemen In Crisis
~2018: Sony World Photography Awards - Finalist News Category -
Yemen In Crisis
~2017: Lucie Foundation: International Photography Awards - 1st Place, Deeper Perspective Award - Yemen In Crisis
~2016: National Press Photographers Association’s Best of Photojournalism - 1st Prize, Environmental Picture Story - Waste In Time, Haiti
~2016: National Press Photographers Association’s Best of Photojournalism - 2nd Prize, Contemporary Issues Story - Toxic Trespass, Bhopal
~2016: Sony World Photography Awards - Finalist, Campaign Category - Toxic Trespass, Bhopal
~2016: PDN Storytellers - Winner, Environmental Story - Waste In Time, Haiti
~2016: Pictures of the Year International POYI- Award of Excellence - Toxic Trespass, Bhopal