Curator Selection / 2020 / /

Lost at Sea

  • Company
    Darren James Photography
  • Photographer
    Darren James
  • Image Location
    Papua New Guinea
  • Credit
    Darren James

The Carteret Islands 90km Northeast of Bougainville, PNG were the first place in the world to require population relocations due to climate change related issues. At around 1m above the waves, the 7 tiny islands are extremely vulnerable to changes in the sea and the climate. The remaining 1600 people are forced to contemplate relocation to high ground 4 hrs away by boat and many have done so. Some have returned after struggling to adjust, unhappy living away from their home. Every day, more ground is lost. It is unlikely the remaining children will be able to have their own families here.

Freelance commercial and documentary photographer, videographer and photojournalist from Melbourne. I have strong interest in humanitarian aid and development, healthcare (particularly eye care and avoidable blindness, diabetes, NCDs and NTDs and surgical outreach), cultural identity, climate change, education, environments, hard waste manage and sustainability with a focus on Pacific island nations and South East Asia. I travel regularly between PNG, Fiji, Kiribati, Vanuatu, The Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, FSM, RMI and throughout the Asia Pacific Region.