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Toddy Tappers

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    Winner in State of the World/Social documentary
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    Antoine Jonquière
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'Toddy Tappers' is a project documenting the life of Tamil Sri Lankan Palm wine collectors. The palmyra palm is the most common palm tree in northern Sri Lanka and is known as the symbol of the Tamil people. The tappers who gather the toddy are among the poorest of the poor, suffering both traditional caste discrimination and modern ethnic racism. Members of the “unclean” nalavar caste, they face barriers in education, hiring, even entering temples. Climbing the palms without ladders or ropes is difficult and dangerous but because of their caste, nalavar have much problems finding other work.

Antoine Jonquière (b.1986) is a French social documentary and portrait photographer. Driven by research led self-initiated projects, his work aims to explore countries and cultures through the relation existing between tradition and modernity.