Entry Title: " Ode To Black"
Julia Anna Gospodarou

Entry Description:

I've been forty years discovering that the queen of all colors was black.- Auguste Renoir

Black is the absence of light, they say. I say black is the hidden light, it's the absorbed mysterious light, it's a promise and a question at the same time. There is plenty of light in black, it's just not obvious, one has to discover it. It takes time, and you have to watch very carefully and be prepared to discover a secret. Black is a secret in itself ...and I'm trying to find this secret.
This series of long exposure images is a study of black, a study of the light that exists in black, of the subdued light that one can find if searching and about it's emotional power. It's also a question I have and that I'm trying to answer and which is how far I can go with dimming the light till I will feel I have reached the edge.

About the Artist:

Website: http://www.juliaannagospodarou.com/
Email: j.gospodarou@gmail.com

Architect with a Master degree and International Award-Winning B&W Fine Art photographer, with high distinctions in the most important photography competitions worldwide (SWPA, IPA, PX3, IFPA, B&W Spider Awards), Julia lives in Athens, but considers herself a citizen of the world and this molded her art and life philosophy.
Julia is mostly known for her B&W long exposure architectural photography, which is her signature style and also the genre that speaks most to her artistic sensibility. Her professional activities also include writing fine art photography books, teaching fine art architectural photography workshops worldwide and working on commissioned photography projects. Published internationally in numerous books and magazines, her photographic work can also be seen online in the most important photography galleries.
Adept of the idea that processing your photographs is at least as important as capturing them, in order to make them express the artists unique vision over the world, her work goes beyond the boundaries of traditional photography and enters the fields of imagination and of searching for a perfect world. She calls her style of photography (en)Visionography, a new name for photography and a concept saying that fine art photography has to do much more with the vision of the artist than with the subject or how the camera captures it, this being what sets free the imagination and creativity of the photographer. This concept reflects also in her personal creative and processing method called Photography Drawing (PhD), method based on how light interacts with volumes and how this can be translated in an image in order to provoke emotion, by using the principles of classical B&W drawing applied to B&W photography.