Pierre Delaunay

The Paris Photography Prize Jury

The jury rates each entry from one to hundred, The scores are then tallied and the winners are selected.

Alice Gabriner

World Picture Editor | National Geographic

Anna Zekria

Agency.Photographer.ru | Moscow

Arnaud Adida

A.galerie | Director | Paris

Bernard Utudjian

Director | Galerie Polaris | Paris

Carol Johnson

Curator of Photography | Library of Congress | D.C.

Chiara Mariani

Photo Editor | Corriere della Sera | Italy

Chrisitine Ollier

Art Director | Filles du Calvaire | Paris

Christophe Loviny

Artist Director | Yangon Photo Festival | Paris

Daphne Angles

Photo Editor | NY Times | Paris

Daria Bonera

Director | Daria Bonera Agency | Milan

Françoise Paviot

Director | Galerie Françoise Paviot | Paris

Heidi Laughton

Art Director/Producer | London | Los Angeles

Jean Francois

Camp Director | Espace Dupon | Paris

Janette Dane

Director | KijK Galerie | Paris

Jerome Huffer

Photo Editor | Paris Match | Paris

Jesper Thomsen

Director | Mews42 Gallery | London

Kenan Aktulun

Creative Director | Truth | New York

Mark Heflin

Director | American Illustration + American Photography | New York

Mike Bower

Managing Editor | Sydney Morning Herald | Sydney

Miriam Leuchter

Editor | Popular Photography | New York

Nan Oshin

Photo Editor | Los Angeles

Natalie Belayche

Director | Visual Delight | Paris

Natalie Johnson

Features Editor | Digital Photographer Magazine | London

Nicolas Havette

Director | Galerie Le magasin de jouets | Arles

Patrice Farameh

Publisher | MAET Media | New York

Patricia Lanza

Director | Annenberg Space for Photography | Los Angeles

Patrick Kahn

Director | SNAP! photo festival | Orlando

Rebecca McClelland

Photography Director | NewStatesman magazine | London

Samuel Feron

Curator | Founder, Terra Quantum

Sara Rumens

Lifestyle Photo Editor | Grazia Magazine | London

Sherrie Berger

Director | Scarlet works Creative Change Agency

Susan Aurinko

Independent Curator | Chicago

Susan Baraz

Curator | Co-chair | Lucie Awards | New York

Tatiana Kurtanova

Chief Editor | Journal of Portfolio | FotoLoft Gallery| Moscow

Viviene Esders

Expert près la Cour d'Appel de Paris | Paris


Eliane Laffont

Photography Consultant

Julien Frydman

Director | Paris Photo


All entries are pre-screened by Px3 one week after the final deadline on MAC calibrated monitors. Official judging is done over several weeks by our distinguished jury of experts. The jury rates each entry from one to hundred (one being the lowest). The scores are then tallied and the winners are selected. The identity of all photographers are hidden from the jury.

Px3 asks each judge to use the same criteria when reviewing the photographs: originality, creativity, excellence of execution, and overall impact. To all the jurors, Px3 offers sincere thanks for taking the time and care with which they review each and every entry.

If you would like to be a judge for the Px3 competition, please email us with your name, contact information and credentials.

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