Client呂 鴻 婕 Hung Chieh Lu
Photographer? ? ? Hung Chieh Lu
PrizePortraiture / Culture
Entry Description

?We believe that the most profound and potentially most radical politics come directly out of our own identity.? The female body is a counter-gaze object, she grabbed a camera, guiding camera for shooting action, By stimulating discussion bundled with photography has been shared, re-position the subject jumped. This is we want to present the female body's how to resist, move on, trying to make people's views known. Susu is a professional enthusiasts about BDSM, model, and she also took a lot of great photos. She comes from a Taiwan's BDSM organization "????? BDSM Company" --- The group concern with gender equality issues, while active in the diverse erotic art's social movement/performance. Nico binds Susu of "shibari" artistry. Incidentally, Susu and me broke into the Legislative together at last year's Sunflower Student Movement (Taiwanese fight against to sign an unfair trade treaty with China), then I decided to create the photograph that derived from the ridiculous TVshow "News Tornado". It may be beautiful, there is also an attractive little meaning, but finally us would say it again : we're indignation sincerely. ??????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? susu????BDSM??????????????????? ????????BDSM???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ??????Nico????(shibari)??????? ????????????????????????????? ????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ??????? ???????????? ???????????????????