CompanyYES production, KIMARCHIVE
ClientMoogy Seungwoo Kim
PhotographerMoogy Seungwoo Kim
PrizePortraiture / Culture
Entry Description

Surrounded by many historic monuments, Bukchon is an area located in the centre of Seoul, the capital city of Korea. The documentary photographer, Moogy Seungwoo Kim set Bukchon as the first location for his long term project, “project Chon.” It is a project he started on 2013, in a wish that indifference between people would fade through his photographs. The photographs in his project, “Bukchon" shows the beautiful scenery and the people in Bukchon. The photographs were taken for three months in Bukchon, and exhibited in the gallery located in the location. He wants to share his view of disconnection between people. In his photographs, he focuses on emptiness people are facing today as if the subjects are wandering about in the city lost in coexistence. He managed himself to capture subjects in the frame that seemed indifferent to each other, meanwhile composed backgrounds utilizing complex lines to give an impression that as if the subjects were lost in the village.