Cavadee Thaipoosam. Mauritian Ritual

PhotographerDario Lo Presti
PrizePortraiture / Culture
Entry Description

The Cavadee Thaipoosam is a religious ceremony organized by Mauritians of Tamil origin in honor of Mourouga. The dominant color is pink, the color of Mourouga, which is dedicated to this festival, last of ten days of sacrifice and preparation. In fact, one abstains from sex, they eat only in the evening and fruit and vegetables, and drink milk to purify themselves. The Mourouga God is the eldest son of Shiva, which raises two mountains with a cane due to the strength that gives him the father Shiva, thus winning the demons. During the celebration the devotees enter into a trance when they are applied between the cheeks long silver needles, the VEL, symbol of the victory of the spears. The pins between the cheeks and the body representing the burden to carry along the arc, before being released completely. The Cavadee is more than just a ritual, because it represents the ethnic Tamil Mauritian miracle of unity in diversity.

About Photographer

Dario Lo Presti was born in Catania in 1983. During his university studies in the field of communication, he began taking an interest in photography, taking a course in history and photographic techniques and a laboratory of Humanities and Social Photojournalism. The passion for the photography gradually brings him to study and know more about it. In the early months of 2013 he followed a course of advanced photography with professional photographer Forcisi Rosaria, with the aim of developing the basic photographic techniques, hone his creative skills / visual and deepen their knowledge of the various kinds of professional photography. In the same year he collaborated with the Cultural ASSOCIATION Artea, as a photographer of events. In April of 2014 he began to attend a course in social photography and journalism with the editors of "The Sicilians young" and "I Cordai" at the association GAPA (Young absolutely to act ) of Catania. In the summer of the same year he founded, with other friends, a collective photo named Shooting Social. His main interest is documentary photography through which to tell stories.