ClientHiroshi Okamoto
PhotographerPhotographer / FilmDirector Hiroshi Okamoto ...
PrizePortraiture / Culture
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Addis Ababa is known as a capital city in Ethiopia and one of huge city in Eastern Africa. If you go Addis, it is quite easy to find such as green big boxes anywhere in the city. "GENDA" means a big green garbage box in Ethiopia. In Ethiopian society, usually people throw a garbage to "GENDA". Then some of local private companies collect garbage from "GENDA" by each local division. There are some of informal workers to collect garbage locally. Those workers are mostly old people. Besides women are many of them. They works to go and collect garbage from each "GENDA" all day. The work is quite tough and dirty environment but people work cheerfully with their co-workers.

About Photographer

He was born in 1990. He grow up Tokyo. When he was a junior high school student, he dropped out school because of bullying in class. After that he entered university and studied social studies. He was working as a International NGO staff in U.S. and Zambia in 2011. During the time he started his career as a freelance photo journalist.