Nysha and her Sunbeam Talbot

ClientAnirudh Agarwal
CreditsNysha (niece) Swati (Nysha's mother) Diti (my wife) Shiv (my son)
PhotographerNysha (niece) Swati (Nysha's mother) Diti (my...
PrizePortraiture / Children
Entry Description

It was in 2011 that I visited India Hobby Center (IHC), a toy/hobbyist’s store in Calcutta with my then 4-year-old niece, Nysha. Out of all the things there, she fell in love with a scaled model of the vintage car ‘Sunbeam Talbot’; so much that she wanted to take it out for a drive; and this where the idea took birth. Initially we would go to a place, leave Nysha with the car and make pictures as a by-stander. There were times when I would instruct Nysha; but now, with many days of shoot behind us, Nysha starts to direct me sometimes. She comes up with suggestions like “Masa, this time I want to stand on the car” or “Can we go to that park and take pictures?” or “I want to have an ice cream first”. Implicit, I have to keep a steady stock of candies/chocolates as a bribe for the days when she’d have her hands on her hips OR looking away trying to ignore me. Also, it required the world’s best team comprising of my son, wife and sister-in-law towards keeping me and Nysha engaged and in the groove. From borrowing the car, to coaxing Nysha into a shot, to getting by-standers/cops to cooperate and to the feedbacks, help and encouragement on this series; it has been an enjoyable journey.