A Walk in the (National) Park

PhotographerLance McMillan
PrizeNature / Wildlife
Entry Description

While photographing zebras in the afternoon in Amboseli National Park in Kenya, the wind started to pick up causing tons of dust to surround the area. After stopping for a few minutes to photograph them, our guide suggested that we continue onward in search of the other wildlife, but I requested that we stay a little while longer as I like the atmosphere that the dust created. Despite the dust, which was causing me more problems than the zebras, they continued on their path largely unaffected.

About Photographer

Although my training is as a musician, obtaining my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music performance at the University of Toronto, I share an equal passion for photography. My skills as a photographer would not be what they are if it weren't for my studies in music. The years I spent studying how to look at a sheet of music that's been played a million times before, with fresh eyes, has lead me to do the same in photography. It has enable me to provide that fresh eye, that unique perspective.