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/ In March 2011, The Tohoku Earthquake hits the pacific coast from Japan. It is the strongest earthquake in Japan since the beginning of the earthquake measuring and triggered the big tsunami and the nuclear catastrophe from Fukushima. 18 537 people are reported to have lost their lives. Huge areas are destroyed by the power of the water and many areas are contaminated. There is still no solution of the nuclear problem.. These images were taken on a journey through Japan in 2001. 10 years before the catastrophe on the Sanriku coast , the area that was hit the most. I visited areas that are not existing anymore, some villages on the coast were just flushed away and will be slowly rebuild. Many areas will be still strongly radioactive contaminated for a very long time. The images was published in 2014 the first time

About Photographer

Christian Schmidt was born 1970 in Goettingen/Germany. After finishing school and assisting for almost 10 years, he started as a photographer in 1999. He was represented by an agent in Europe since 2000. Today Christian is working worldwide. He did shoot many international campaigns in the advertising industry for agencies all over the world and he gets recognition in the art market. His work was exhibited and awarded several times. He lives with his wife and 2 daughters in Stuttgart / Germany.