Enchanted Lands

CompanyJack Curran Photography
PhotographerJack Curran
PrizeNature / Landscape_N
Entry Description

The four corners area, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah encompass some of the most interesting and diverse sculptured lands in the United States. From high altitude mountain ranges to desert monuments, this area of the country hold can a plethora of different opportunities and experiences for the photographer. When you stand at the base of Shiprock, or beholds the natural wonders of Monument Valley's, Ts Bii? Ndzisgaii Valley of Rocks, there is a true spiritual feeling of awe. While it is inspiring, it can be quite challenging to create images that represent the emotion one feels. My hope is that I've captured at least a semblance of this in the photographs in this portfolio.

About Photographer

For nearly 30 years now, Jackâs passion for photography and been focused on his love for the landscape and our natural environment. Searching for the âLure of Lightâ has taken Jack to many remote and unique places as well as enhances his ability to develop âthe art of seeingâ through both Grande landscape and detailed still life As I continued to reach out, explore and reflect within the serenity of nature, I started to see and feel. Rushing streams soon became the ambient noise affecting calm. Landscape grandeur created the sense of humility. Spring blossoms invigorated, fall colors realized finish and fresh winter snow renewed. Chasing the light of these days is akin to chasing a dream. Sometimes dreams do come true.