Light of Darkness

PhotographerEun Kwang Light Park
PrizeNature / Landscape_N
Entry Description

The time dominated by the dark brings about difficulties in recognizing things and fears of invisible things, which would lead to a desire to search for the light. To me, light is an existence that shines the world, and salvation or hope. When the dark, which makes it difficult to exactly recognize things, comes after daytime, my behavior begins. When I encountered the time of the dark and the space where it is difficult to find the source of light, I imagined an unexpected ray of light, and I combined my active acts to embody the light and record pictures. Searching for space and time was a journey that I took to find the truth as a photographer, and I conducted acts to shine divided and selected spaces. This is also an exploration of various meanings that the light has, beyond the acts of simple imagination and reproduction. As a faith in reality unseen, I tried to prove that my behaviors could be recorded and memorized through photos, beyond the reproduction of a moment. Recording and showing things unseen forever and proving things unseen are what I actually want to show through photos. It is because I believe purifying and recording values regarding truth are the very capabilities of photos. When the truth of pictures is converted by a creative way, result works made and shot by a photographer are delivered to the public as real experiences. If realistic ‘reproduction’ of unreality ‘embodied’ at specific time and space by the photographer’s selection, not through a method that saves and prints only real situations, is delivered to audiences through pictures, it means that the reproduction has been ‘converted’ to another figure of ‘reality’, so the combination of acts and shooting in this work was very appropriate.