It Happens After Dark

PhotographerEmm Blackshaw
PrizeNature / Landscape_N
Entry Description

The inspiration for the series It Happens After Dark comes from my fascination with how the forest appears unfamiliar, mysterious, and spooky during the night. I find it interesting how familiar spaces become so unfamiliar just by changing the amount of light available within the scene. The work is motivated by my curiosity with how lighting can affect a landscape through a combination of photography and installations. The imaginative landscapes featured within the series are achieved by combining long exposures and light installations within Canadian landscapes. These built on-site interventions are used to temporarily alter a space through the genre of night photography. Photography becomes an important aspect of the project because the camera allows for the ability to capture exaggerated and otherwise impossible durations of time. Furthermore, integrating the installations into nature and then dismantling them after the photograph is captured allows for the series to be the only proof of the installationís existence within nature. This combination presents the viewers with a rare moment in time they would otherwise not physically be able to witness. This series is the only evidence that these interventions ever altered the space they once occupied. As a result, the imagery allows the viewer the opportunity to visually explore the relationship between reality and imagination surrounding each photograph. The strangeness that lies beneath each image encourages the viewers to impose their own narratives on the imagery.

About Photographer

Emma Blackshaw is a photo-based artist residing in Bradford, Ontario. She creates built on-site interventions that temporarily alter a landscape through the genre of night photography. The interventions explore the unique characteristics that lighting can produce within a space. The work focuses on her relationship with Canadian landscapes and how she can stage scenes that exist somewhere between reality and imagination. The lighting transforms the landscapes into mysterious, spooky, and dream-like environments.