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ClientFrancesca Pompei
PhotographerFrancesca Pompei
PrizeNature / Landscape_N
About Photographer

Francesca Pompei was born in Rome in 1978. Graduated in Philosophy, she had trainee experiences at the AP, Associated Press Agency and in RAIcinema and RAIfiction location shoots. In 2009, Francesca became a member of the National Association of Professional Photographers of Italy and was charged with a photographic report of the Vatican’s Gardens in order to publish 3 books by the Vatican City State. Her works featured in several competitions and exhibitions and have been published in arts magazines such as Il Giornale dell’Arte (The Arts Newspaper) and Abitare la Terra (Dwelling on Earth), directed by the architect Paolo Portoghesi. In 2010 she was the sole author of all the images Le 100 Fontane (99+1) del Vaticano, Volume I -Fontane nei Viali e nel Bosco (The 100 Fountains (99+1) of the Vatican State, Volume I- The fountains in the Boulevards and in the Wood) published for the Vatican City State.