Santa Maria della Salute

CreditsPaul Grayson @
PhotographerPaul Grayson @
PrizeNature / Landscape_N
Entry Description

The Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice. The gondolas of Venice are iconic and moody, when seen in the gloom of the failing light. The Basilica itself has a gloomy history as a "plague church", celebrating the Republic's surviving the plague of 1630. This image, taken during the annual festival commemorating the consecration of the church to the Virgin, evokes the darkness and the hope of those days. Taken at dusk with Nikon D800, 60mm f 2.8 Macro, ISO 6400 and mounted on a tripod.

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I have been passionate about art life-long, ever since spending hours as a teenager soaking up great works in the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, particularly the only Rembrandt self-portrait in Scotland, which still has power to inform my vision today. The acquisition of a Contaflex as a student cemented my relationship with the "huitieme art" and widened my artistic horizons to a lifelong love of photography. Following a financial first career, the digital age has inspired me to significantly deepen my education in and practice of artistic photography. I have found new freedom and inspiration in the dramatic increase in control and responsiveness provided by today's technology. I am excited by urban and natural landscapes, especially the graphic potential of architectural subjects, the night and event photography, particularly Jazz. I adopted as my commercial branding, as a tribute to Greece and the inspiration-giving power of light inherent in the word. I have exhibited in Paris, am an Associate Member of the American Society of Media Photographers and have just launched my Fine Art website on