Cocina de Rio Casanai

ClientIrene Turner Gonzalez
PhotographerIrene Turner
PrizeNature / Other_N
Entry Description

Documental photography in eastern Venezuela, specifically in the State of Sucre, where it is common to find this type of kitchen because gas and electricity is not always available.

About Photographer

My photographic work began 25 years ago with studies of children, which led me to studies of the children of peasant farmers, and then of the farmers themselves. My first work of any appreciable success was Conuqueros, which was done sporadically from 1996 until 2001 and was taken out of the country and shown in Boston and Tulsa, and taken on tour. In the meantime I finished El Sol Sale por Oriente, which was the life of the fishermen of the eastern zone of Venezuela, specifically the Island of Margarita and which has been put on permanent display at the legislature of the State of Nueva Esparta. After El Sol Sale por Oriente I began two studies about zones in Venezuela where the images tell their own stories, Caserios y Caminos and Trujillo. In 2002 I did Los Asuntinos, a Venezuelan Catholic tradition in which gatherers climb a mountain to bring back the special palms that are then blessed and distributed to the devout on Palm Sunday. During the last three years I have worked extensively in the Eastern coastal state of Sucre, especially in the peninsulas of Paria, mainly fishing communities, and Araya, which is dominated by an ancient salt mine. In between I have also done studies of cities, dances, folklore, portraits and many other projects, 10 documental studies in total. I am only now beginning work with a digital camera, as my experience with the traditional camera has allowed me to capture quick and hard to get images of water, waves, light and other movement. My work has had the fortune to be exhibited in many individual exhibitions, both in Venezuela and abroad, and continues to be a source of great personal happiness and satisfaction.