Namib Desert from above

PhotographerYi Sun
PrizeNature / Earth
Entry Description

This series of aerial photos were taken above the Namib Desert. This area is famous for its amazing large orange ancient sand dunes, dead trees in Sossusvlei and the amazing extraterrestrial fairy circles. The latter is a mysterious natural phenomenon of southwest Africa and particularly common in Namibia. They consist of circular patches of barren land, typically 2-15 meters in diameter, with no vegetation growth, but often encircled with a ring of over grown grasses. Scientists have yet to explain the cause of these circles, although many theories have been put forward, including termites. This surreal landscape is occupied by wild mountain zebra and Oryx.

About Photographer

Yi Sun is an international award-winning landscape and travel photographer based in Cambridge, UK. He has a passion to explore the world and documenting nature's fine art creations. Website: