Quiet Beauty

CompanyBraden Summers Photography
ClientBraden Summers
CreditsSubject: Pom Klementieff
PhotographerSubject: Pom Klementieff
PrizeAdvertising / Beauty
Entry Description

QUIET BEAUTY is a modern take on traditional portraiture. Braden Summers combines his love of art and fantastical characters to conjure up the inspiration for each image. Using various simple sets, focused color palettes and strategic styling, Summers composes each portrait to emphasize the unique identity of his subjects. Summers commands the viewer’s attention with bold visual expression, without words...QUIET BEAUTY.

About Photographer

Braden is a New York based photographer. His travels feed his voracious hunger to produce innovative imagery. The surrealistic work is created, not captured, telling stories of culture, characters, fashion, and the drama relating them.