Tokyo Olympiad 1964-2020

ClientMasahiro Ito
PhotographerMasahiro Ito
PrizeAdvertising / Architecture
Entry Description

The 18th Olympic Games was held in Tokyo in 1964. And then, The Olympics will take place at Tokyo again in 2020. During about 50 years, Japan became a rich country in economically and materially. However, we've lost the richness of heart in return for those obtained. Even if a long time has passed, athletic facilities at that time continue in existence, and new facilities will build in a vacant site for the next Tokyo Olympics. These showed me that the richness of the heart can be obtained by continuing and challenging toward own goal.

About Photographer

Masahiro Ito (1983- ) was from Shiga, and lives in Tokyo, Japan. Department of Earth Sciences, Okayama University graduate, Okayama, Japan(2005). That year, drop out University of Graduate School for pursue a career of photographer. Graduate course of Nippon Photography Institute graduate, Tokyo, Japan(2012). He is working a creative work as a photographer and an artist. His Main Theme is that express a social connectedness with people and city by focusing on a thing which would be overlooked if you don't try to see consciously. Win Second Prize for Prix de la Photographie Paris(Px3) 2014 COMPETITION in the Architecture Category(2014).