Allianz Retirement

CompanyChristian Schmidt Photography
ClientChristian Schmidt
CreditsAgency: Grey, Team Allianz@Munich, Markus Waelde Client: Allianz
PhotographerAgency: Grey, Team Allianz@Munich, Markus Waeld...
PrizeAdvertising / Automotive
Entry Description

Allianz 1 campaign - Headline 1 dream achieved, no matter when

About Photographer

Christian Schmidt was born 1970 in Goettingen/Germany. After finishing school and assisting for almost 10 years, he started as a photographer in 1999. He was represented by an agent in Europe since 2000. Today Christian is working worldwide. He did shoot many international campaigns in the advertising industry for agencies all over the world and he gets recognition in the art market. His work was exhibited and awarded several times. He lives with his wife and 2 daughters in Stuttgart / Germany.