PhotographerFrancis A Willey
PrizeBronze in Book (series Only) / Fine Art
Entry Description

After experiencing several personal visitations and dreams of outer worldly ethereal ghosts. I decided to interpret these quiescent deities with 35mm film photography. Combining light and fabric and skin to express to the photographic community the possibility of beings appearing beyond our comprehension. To stir a poetical dialogue with the magic of traditional film. To conjure sensually with the human form a partition bridging the supernatural and spiritual to the real. Paying tribute to the feminine muse in sculpture and historical painting.

About Photographer

Autodidact Francis A Willey is a Canadian artist who's unique vision of the ethereal and macabresque realm of ghosts, capturing the human body and metoric light and dark of the empyreal deities, fabric and skin has brought him international attention. Francis expresses himself artistically through analog film photography,painting, poetry and piano composing and song. He recently had his first international photographic exhibit of ghost images and timeless portraits in Berlin over fashion week 2008. Francis will be soon releasing his first solo piano album 'When we loved' November 2008. Wrestling with the transcendency of light theories, music and poetry and the echelon of heart into the phantom and shroud. Has led him to the defined moment layered in mystery and fate. Grasping one frame of empathy and grace and fear in a soulful dance towards equanimity.